Exardiv-Com SRL

Exardiv-Com SRL was founded in August 2004 as a company for production and export of fruits and vegetables. Currently the main activity of enterprise is the production of wooden boxes for fruit and vegetables, collection, storage and export of fruit and vegetables from Moldova to Europe, Russia and other CIS countries.

Exardiv-Com SRL is an active member of Fruit Producers and Exporters Association “Moldova Fruct”.

The company has gardens of apple, cherry, peach, plum. Also, the company has a own production  with an area of 5.3 ha, where is located wood package production. The company is a major player in the market of vegetables and fruits of entire country, procuring  for domestic production raw material, and participating in export production abroad.

The production Exardiv-Com SRL is located in the village Revaca, Chisinau at a distance of 17 km towards southeast of Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, 3.5 km from the railway and international route Chisinau-Odessa. Orchards is situated close to the enterprise.

Having a favorable geographic location The Company has the ability to perform successfully and fruitful activity.


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